Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Should You Desire

My Mom told me about about an interesting conversation she had with one of my younger brothers the other day. She had picked him up to take him to school and while they were on the way, my brother pulls out a prayer card of St. Joseph that I had given him. According to tradition, if you pray the prayer to St. Joseph for 9 consecutive days for anything you desire, your request will be granted.

While looking at the card on their drive, my brother spoke with a great deal of honesty, " I don't know what to desire, so I just pray that God will reveal what I should desire. " I couldn't think of a more honest answer from someone my age than that one and I think it is true for so many people today.

We don't know what we want...Or what it is that we should want.

Looking at my own life, I find myself confused about what I should and shouldn't desire. I believe both society and my own human weakness are to blame.

We strive to have holy relationships with women, but society tricks us into thinking that we need promiscuity with women. We want to grow in our relationships with God, but we are persuaded to believe that contact with God should be strictly designated for Sundays. We want to mature and become more independent, but we are taught that in order to do that, you need to move out, cut people out of your life and start all new habits with brand new people. Society can confuse you and your dreams and desires and it can be a very lonely place to be.

My brother had the most mature and well thought out solution that I've ever heard from anyone his age.

"I can't decide what I should be desiring. You decide God."

Who better to rely on than the one who created your entire being? Submit your will to the Father and let him lead you down the path he has chosen for you.

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