Sunday, November 16, 2014

You Were Made For So Much More: What Jury Duty in Milwaukee can teach you.


This week I had a crazy and unique experience. It was called Jury Duty... And it was scary. Not only was it scary in the fact that I had to walk through metal detectors, sit in a small auditorium with complete strangers, follow huge tattooed sheriffs down grimy hallways, stand up and talk about myself before judges, counselors, defendants, galleries and media, and listen to gruesome crimes even though I wasn't picked for a case. It was also scary knowing that I am no longer a little kid and have, for a few years now, caught a glimpse of the real world. Scary, sometimes, isn't it?

                                               (Milwaukee County Courthouse-

I was so saddened by what I saw on my half day of jury duty. I was a one of 40 potential jurors selected for one young man's trial. This young man, who was on trial for possessing 17 counts of pornography portraying a minor, was clean cut, well dressed and well versed. He looked to have so much potential in life. He really could have made something of himself, but he couldn't get past the bad decisions he made, and now having been found guilty, will need to pay the price.

Everything has a consequence. You really have to be on your game all the time with everything you do. There is always someone watching. The idea of jury duty had me thinking about my relationship with God, because I sometimes get caught in my own weakness and fail to do what He calls me to do.

This post is my prayer for the all the young adults in the city of Milwaukee. Choosing friends wisely is beneficial. Getting your education is essential. Setting goals for yourself gives you the opportunity to meet your life potential. Don't sell yourself short and waste the talents that God has given you and disappoint your parents who raised you.

Everything has consequences in this life and the next. Build each other up. Bring people closer together. Help them to understand God's love and mercy for their lives. Make it your goal to sit with our Father in Heaven. Don't underestimate the good that you can do with your life because you were made for so much more.

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