Sunday, August 10, 2014

Get Out Of The Boat: A Recap of Bishop Hying's Homily at Roses For Our Lady

"The safest place to be is on the open water with Jesus, trusting that He will grasp us by the hand. We can't stay in the comfort of the boat because Jesus is not there. Like Peter, when we join Jesus on the open water, no matter what we are trying, in the end, we will succeed because He succeeds in us."  ~Bishop Donald J. Hying, homily on Matthew 14: 22-33 at Roses for Our Lady's August 8th holy hour at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary

Roses For Our Lady (a local organization promoting authentic Eucharistic and Marian devotion) held their monthly Holy Hour for Vocations today at St. Francis De Sales Seminary in St. Francis, Wisconsin.  The presider was Bishop Donald J. Hying, Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee.

The Gospel account today was the inspiring story of Christ calling Peter out on the water. In front of a congregation of 50 plus people in Christ King chapel, Bishop Hying said that this Gospel account, “calls us as Christians to step out of our comfort zones and allow Christ to work in our lives in new and exciting ways.

As humans we have a tendency to stay put in certain situations where we feel safe and secure. No one likes the feeling of being vulnerable. However, if we want to make strides in our relationship with Christ, we are required to take a leap of faith and land in the arms of God. We cannot be satisfied by just dipping our toes in the water, but instead need to place both feet on the surface and begin focusing our eyes and hearts on our Lord. It is through the most uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations where we really come to know about God and surrender ourselves to His great love and mercy.

In what ways is Christ asking you to take a leap of faith today? Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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