Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wedding Bells

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote all the way back in October. It's taken me a couple days to unwind and recollect my thoughts after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family. We sat, ate and prayed at two tables this year as we gathered for Thanksgiving on Thursday and then celebrated the following day as my new wife of three weeks, Morgan and I, got married!! It was the greatest day of my life to finally be joined with the love of my life and surrounded by so many of our closest family and friends.

When Morgan and I initially started planning our wedding (we planned it in 2 months by the way!),  we felt like it would take forever to get to November 27th. However as our big day drew near, we wondered where all the time had gone! A few people reminded us that it was perhaps a useful thing that we planned our wedding the way that we did because it forced us not to be picky or bride-zillas if you will. Planning our wedding gave me a few lessons as to what kind of husband and future father I want to be for Morgan and our child. Just like preparation for a wedding requires great integrity, humility, generosity, courage and deep love and joy, so I want to bring all of these things into our marriage and our family. Supporting this family was what God called me to and I proudly accept His will.

I just want to say a quick thank you to anyone who lifted up Morgan and I in prayer as our wedding day approached and have celebrated with us. We appreciate you, we love you and we thank God for you each and every day!